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A&R Representative - Part 1




A&R Representatives is an acronym for (Artists and Repertoire) are record company personnel whose job it is to discover new talent and help develop careers. This is the gatekeeper to your deal. Chances are if your music is good, there is a A&R looking for it right now. The job itself is not easy, very stressful & has a very high rotation rate. The average life span of an A&R rep at a major is about three years, almost as bad as a car salesman. Since we're on the subject letís compare both professions. A car salesman first checks your credit history then presents the deal to the floor manager for final approval. Itís up to the floor manager to authorize the sale, and the sale of the car gets accredited to who? Yes the salesperson. If car salesman does not sell enough cars per quarter then heís out. An A&R does exactly the same thing. Letís say a car salesman had to go out and find a qualified car buyer to make his quarterly quota, where do you think he would go? He would go look in all the right places. Would he go looking for a qualified buyer at an unemployment office? A&Rís have to be proactive in finding talent to survive, and they are very good at looking for talent in all the right places. The sooner you put yourself in the shoes of an A&R Representative the sooner youíll understand where they go to find what they need to survive. Unlike the car salesman the A&R Representative has to have a pulse on the latest musical trends. In other words what's hot and what's not.


A&Rís must be extremely proactive in finding fresh new talent year in and year out just to survive. As a result they have a keen set of instincts, and know exactly where to find the next big band or artist. The sooner you understand where A&Rís go to find fresh new talent, the closer you are towards achieving your goal. Below are just some of the basic places A&Rís go to evaluate money making potential in a new band or artist


        -        Internet (My Space, MP3 downloads, You Tube (live video clips) 


        -        Independent record labels


        -        Listening to college radio stations    


        -        Attending local club performances


        -        Reading reviews in local and national trade magazines


        -        Attending annual music conventions and conferences


        -        Keeping a watchful eye on Sound Scan reports (a service that reports album sales figures by tracking registered bar codes)


        -        Network with local studio owners to see what new bands are recording.


Cyrus Rhodes















Cyrus Rhodes is President of Seattle based label Katavi Arts Guitarist for local band Seven Against Thebes Executive Producer of Projects Drum Dynasty, Seven Against Thebes, Over the years Rhodes has been a guitarist in a touring band, A&R Representative Chicago (1998 - 2003), Seattle (2003 - Present), Talent Buyer, Band Manager, Booking Agent, and most recently a Syndicated Music Critic. His reviews have been posted on USA Today and Headline News. Rhodes is also Chief Editor and lead critic for several webzines.  In 2009 he  launched www.ndiemusicdigest.com. IMD is dedicated to developing hard working Independent Artists worldwide. IMD only accepts material from unsigned bands and artists.


Cyrus's Record Label  Katavi Arts

Cyrus's band Seven Against Thebes  Seven Against Thebes

Drum Dynasty Project Drum Dynasty


Cyrus Rhodes has written and edited reviews for the following Publications, Labels and Entertainment Agencies:




All What's Rock

Art Rock Magazine


Carlito's Music Blog


Headline News

GasHouse Radio

Greatful Web

Indie Music Reviews


Indie Artists Alliance

Leicester Bangs

The Mag

The Muse Muse

Music Emissions

Music Existance

Music News Nashville


Rock n' Roll View

Skope Magazine

USA Today

Vents Magazine

Victory Music








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Boston Punx

Budhha Fubk

Cross Seas Entertainment

Erco Scavenger Entertainment


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Golden Harvest Entertainment

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La Famouse Ent

Magna Carta

Miles High Productions


Pop Core Entertainment

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Serge Entertainment

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SOM Entertainment LLC

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Working Brilliantly



Arkouse Records

Arythmia Records

AK Jazz

AWB Records

Bag of Bones Records

Bald Freak Music

Blacksail Records

Bloody Mary Records

Blu-Grascal Records

Budhha Funk

Buckin Savior Records

Cakewalk Records

Commune Recordings

DEC Productions

Dharma Records

Do Too Records

Drunk Soul Records

East End Productions

EP Music

Firebelly Music

Flintrock Productions

Global Vortex Records

Good Records

Hush Music

Interscope Records

Intimate Audio

Jetty Records

Kite Stripe Records

The Last Records

Lakeshore Records

Left Ear Records

Lettera "A" Records

Line Drive Records

Lonely Llama Music

Mad Dwarf Productions

Nettwerk Records

Noh Code Records

OmOm Music

One Eyed Turtle Productions

Outstanding Music

Peaceman Music

Post Colonial Records

Prospect Records

Purple Kush

Raven Recordings

Red Rock Music

Round Box Records

Roast Records

Ryder Roo records

Saguaro Road Records

Sauspop Records

Seven Seas Records

Singing Wolf Records

Squidhat Records

Spektrum Productions

Tenth Planet Records

Thin Man Music

Trifonic Records

Waltzing Duck Records

Contact  Professional Inquiries only


Cyrus Rhodes

President, Syndicated Music Critic, Marketing Solutions

Indie Music Media LLC

Katavi Arts LLC

Seattle, WA.


(360) 509-1779 - Office

(360) 394-3631 - Facsimile



















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